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Parent-School Partnerships

Through the Power of Family Engagement


Every parent, family and caregiver, regardless of zip code, grows and thrives to support their child to reach their fullest potential.

Our Vision

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Parent Workshop Series

Parent School Partnerships One-Stop Workshop Series Provides Practical Tips and Strategies for Families to Use at Home

Designed for K-8 families, the workshops and resources offered by Parent School Partnerships provide practical tips and strategies for families to use at home or anytime and anywhere.  This will help reinforce easily transferable skills, thereby providing support to what is taught in the classroom. Our goal with the uniquely designed one-stop workshop is to give you, the school/district access to valuable and meaningful parent learning experiences that are both relevant and fun. The workshop provides a pathway to support your 21st Century Community Learning Centers family events and Title I parent engagement programs throughout the year. You will only need to send out invitations. We will take care of the rest.

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Working from Home

Grow Evolve Become

Power-Up! Ignite the Power of Family Engagement

This powerful session explores having a partnership mindset, exercising your partnership power at home and school, and powering-up your potential as a supporter, monitor, advocate, and learning navigator.

Let's Huddle Up

Reading "Storytime" Night

Reading aloud is one of the most powerful ways that families can support their child's learning. This workshop discusses the importance of reading aloud and explores tips and strategies for strengthening the families' role as a reading partner.

Reading to Little Girl
Design Book

Children are awake for about 6,000 hours a year, and only about 1,000 of those hours are spent in school.  If we are to tackle the achievement gap and the inequities that contribute to it, we must pay attention not only to schools, but also to the places where children spend the rest of those 5,000 hours.

- H. Weiss, M. Elena Lopez and Margret Caspe, Carnegie Challenge Paper: Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next Generation Family Engagement, Global Family Research Project, 2018.

A Note of Thanks

Thank you to each parent and educator who often

feels it is a thankless job molding and guiding the

children you teach every day. On the days you can't see

that your efforts matter, just think of a child you serve or

love who could be me. Don't give up on them, they could

Grow-Evolve-Become a Forensic Chemist, Teacher, Doctor,

The President, Epidemiologist, Computer Coder, Radiologist,

Chef, Movie Director, Electrician, Shoe and Handbag Designer, Landscaper, CEO, Journalist, Gamer, Soldier, Real Estate Developer, 

Bank Manager, Principal, Mompreneur, Stylist, Philanthropist, Author, Cup Cake Designer or BEYONCE!

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Private Tutoring

Plan Your Own Party

S.T.E.A.M. + PBL = Learning at Home!

"Plan Your Own Party" PBL is a unit filled with real experiences to help abstract concepts, become concrete and meaningful, and challenge students to be a solution thinker; have a voice and choice; be reflective; understand the importance of revision; and finally, use their imagination to create a project to be shared and celebrated.


"Parent School Partnerships has a passion for connecting literacy and learning with our community. They provided a virtual workshop for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s annual El día de los niños/El día de los libros literacy celebration; and it was a fun, learning celebration! Ms. Morris, founder of Parent School Partnerships, brought authors, music and community icons together to let families members of all ages understand the importance and joy of reading. I was extremely impressed with the learning objectives and the unique way each objective was met. Ms. Morris made planning the event seamless from beginning to end. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again to bring this amazing opportunity to our community."


Meryle A. Leonard, Outreach Channel Leader

On a Mission

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We believe it's important to give back; therefore we have aligned with several local and national charities.

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