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About Parent School Partnerships

"Families are already empowered but what needs to happen is that power to be activated" - Karen L. Mapp Ed.D.

It all started with a simple idea...


Parent School Partnerships was birthed out of passion from years of collaborating and cultivating wonderful educational partnerships.  Hearing about and seeing the need for a bridge to build the parent-school partnership through the power of family engagement, we wanted to provide content that was shareable, informative, and valuable through a virtual experience on a parent & family-friendly learning platform.

Core Beliefs

We believe the whole family must be supported; see every child & hear every adult/parent.

We believe in investing in building the parent-school relationship. This bridge can open doors and create new outcomes for young people.

We believe every parent matters; each child counts.

My Story

I am the daughter of a determined, courageous, smart, kind, and beautiful single mother who refused to allow any challenges to deter her from accomplishing any goals she set her mind to achieve. I watched and learned from her that you have choices—either use the experience as fuel to strengthen you to break through, rise above, go around, or leap over the obstacle to keep moving forward, or let it stifle you and never Grow-Evolve-Become! She did not let the zip code we lived in serve as an excuse to affect my learning development or my ability to bloom to my fullest potential. She led by example as my first teacher.  She modeled as the Lead Learner, and I knew early on that my education was important, that reading daily was important---even though I was a reluctant reader. She did not have much, but what she gave was more valuable than material things. Her unyielding determination, her powerful advocacy, and her unwavering quest to ensure that I had access to the best educational resources propelled me forward. Exposing me to engaging learning and providing access to authentic literature at the public library and bookmobile, building my home library, which included the excitement of receiving that magical cardboard box with my name on it full of Dr. Seuss titles every month, and introducing me to musicals and the wonderful world of the silver screen are just some of the ways she provided a rich, horizon-expanding experience for me, her only child.


With the help of my teachers, who during my formative years saw ME and noticed that I was great in science and math, yet bored to tears in their class, my mother forged a supportive partnership between the school and our home, a partnership that expressed, “I hear YOU and see YOU, RaShawyn.” That partnership opened doors that shaped the trajectory of my educational journey. Among them are my having the opportunity to attend a summer engineering program at a university and having the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities both close to and far from home, moving me well beyond the constrictions of my zip code. I went from being a disengaged, shy kid who became a forensic chemist to a fully self-actualized entrepreneur with a heart for HUMANity.


I am an example of what can happen when investing in a parent-school partnership. It works!

School Teacher
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